İzmir State Classical Türkiye Music Choir Directorate

Izmir State Classical Turkish Music Choir Program  was  founded in 1985 by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in order to develop Classical Türkiye Music, to protect it from the influence of degenerating music genres, and to promote it at home and abroad. In the history of the Republic, after the Istanbul State Classical Türkiye Music Choir, the founding conductor of the Izmir State Classical Türkiye Music Choir, which has the feature of being the second official Türkiye Music Executive Agency is State Artist Dr. Teoman ÖNALDI. It has been one of the indispensable activities in İzmir's art life for 30 years with its concerts. In addition to the tours realized in İzmir, especially in İzmir, all Aegean Region provinces and districts, East to West, North to South, and many provinces of the country; He gave concerts in Tunisia, Germany, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands and Macedonia on different dates.