İzmir State Theater Directorate

İzmir State Theater was established on 14 April 1957 in Konak Public Education Center building. It opened the theater curtains with the play “Yağmurcu”.

The existence of the State Theater in İzmir starts in 1944. The first Izmir tour of the “State Conservatory Exercise Stage , which is the pioneer and the core of the formation of State Theaters, takes place in these years. İzmir State Theater, established in cooperation with İzmir Municipality, has been performing regularly every night with its temporary staff since 14 April 1957. After working with the artists of Ankara, the plays came to İzmir within the scope of touring. In 1971. With the enactment of the Law on Regional Theaters, service has been started with the established staff. Ragıp Haykır served as the head of touring when he moved to the resident staff. He continued to serve as the director of İzmir State Theater until 1978. After Ragıp Haykır; Suat Taşer, Çetin Köroğlu, Fikret Tartan, Cengiz Yılmaz, Erol Aksoy, Bayazıt Gülercan, Cengiz Yılmaz, Önder Alkım, Mustafa Şekercioğlu, Hülya Savaş Akdoğan, Yaşar Ürük, Hülya Savaş, Metin Oyman and Tayfun Erarslan served as directors. Currently, Levent Ulukut is the director. In addition to Konak Stage, Karsiyaka Ragıp Haykır Stage opened in 1986 and the second stage, in 2002 Karşıyaka Ragıp Haykır Stage used as a balcony, the theater was transformed into Room Theater and reached its third stage. Karsiyaka Ragip Haykir Stage, which was demolished in 2013 to be resistant to earthquakes, will meet its audience again soon.