Izmir Kumru


Product Name: Sandwich

Name of Geographical Indication: İzmir Kumru

Type of Geographical Indication: Mahreç Sign

Geographical Limit: Izmir

RG Release date:   

Registration Date: December 2017

Description and Distinguishing Features of the Product: İzmir Kumru, İzmir Kumru Bread is prepared by putting İzmir Tulum Cheese, tomato and pepper or sausage when served cold , salami and kashar cheese cooked with charcoal and tomato when served hot . İzmir Kumru Bread can be made with or without chickpea yeast. Sandwich bread, which is referred to as Kumru bread because its shape is similar to the body of the bird with its wider structure and tapering towards the end parts ( like a dove ) , gives the İzmir Kumru the most important feature.

The dove ( Kumru ) , which has been produced in İzmir for almost 150 years and consumed almost every day by the people of İzmir, was consumed as cold before, and after the 1940s, sausage, salami and cheese were placed between sandwiches and hot. In İzmir province, '' gevrek '' is a new product created by baker shopkeepers starting from the harmony of cheese and simit  is different from the shape of the İzmir Kumrusu . In the early periods, only the cheese, tomatoes and green peppers were squeezed into the dove bread, but nowadays, known as “Çeşme Kumrusu , differentiated sausage, salami and melted cheese are added and heated in a toaster, and there are more abundant and satisfying varieties. İzmir Kumrusu is an appetizing flavor with the tulum cheese, tomato and green pepper that can be eaten as a snack in the afternoon with a tea or a snack to those who cannot make it to the lunch .

The distinctive feature of İzmir Kumru stems from the fact that the İzmir Kumru Bread, which is used in its construction, is produced by the İzmir baker craftsmen using the manufacturing method that includes many stages with the methods that have been going on for many years, and that the product is identified with İzmir province with its reputation and recognition from the past.

Production Method:

Izmir Kumru; if the product will be served cold, tomatoes and green peppers are used in İzmir Kumru Bread , if served hot, sausage, salami and melted cheese is are used . İzmir Kumru Bread; wheat flour, water and optionally chickpea yeast dough preparation, fermentation and is shaped by cooking.


1- Piece of dough.

2- Lightly press on the dough piece by hand.

3- The dough piece is curled inward from the edges.

4- The dough piece that is curled inward from the edges is rolled by hand on the counter and processed by kumru bread.

Figure 1. Giving dough İzmir Kumru Bread shape

The upper and lower parts of the shaped dough are covered with a mixture prepared with sesame, grape or fig molasses. Sprinkling sesame seeds is not mandatory. It is allowed to ferment at 30-35 ° C, 70-80% relative humidity, until sufficient swelling occurs. Since fermented yeast is not used in the production of chickpea fermented bread, the last fermentation period will be long. After the last fermentation step of 1.5-2 hours, the doughs are placed intermittently on the tray and left for another 10-15 minutes to complete the fermentation process. This fermentation process is called “tray yeast.. Slip on the dough with a knife at a slight depth, is scratched. It is thrown into the oven at a temperature of about 280 ° C, steam is introduced and the oven temperature is reduced to about 250 ° C and cooked for 18-25 minutes. İzmir Kumru Bread, which is taken out of the oven after cooking, is cooled by waiting at 20-25 ° C and becomes ready for use in making İzmir Kumru. İzmir Kumru Bread should not be burnt and / or uncooked.

The crust should not be too thick and hard. The external texture characteristics of the bread should be neither too hard nor too soft.

In the production of turtle bread, wood-fired cooking is recommended. İzmir Kumru Bread can be consumed immediately after being produced and cooled or it can be consumed after about 1 day. If it is not consumed immediately, it can be kept in a closed environment and hygienic conditions for 1 day.

İzmir Kumru production; hot and cold served:

A. Izmir Kumru Hot Served : İzmir Kumru bread is cut into two without being divided into two parts and put into coal fire.25-30 grams of sausage, 20-25 grams of salami, 25-30 grams of old kashar cheese or fresh sliced cheddar cheese added to the dove bread of İzmir Kumru bread which was cooked in coal fire for about 5 minutes and applied margarine to the inner surfaces 40-50 grams of tomato) and serve. İzmir Kumrusu can be served by adding and diversifying sausages according to the customer's request.

{0}B.{/0} {1}        {/1} Cold Served İzmir Kumru Production: İzmir Kumru bread is cut in half without being divided into two pieces.İzmir or Bergama Tulum Cheese, 2-3 slices of tomatoes and half or 1 whole green pepper are added and served.