Relative Evil Eye Bead Production Hand and Processing Art


Name of the product: Evil eye bead

Geographical Indication: Relative Evil Eye Bead Production Hand and Processing Art

Type of Geographical Indication: Mahreç

Geographical Limits: Izmir Province Menderes District Görece Town

RG Release date:    01.09.1996

Date of Registration: 01.09.1996

Product Name: Evil eye bead, eye, bream, walnut, cylinder, egg, plate, plate heart, dice, saddler, danagöz other bead types (beads small, medium, large according to their size and transparent, green, blue, purple, yellow); also ring test, fish (ornament), ashtray, vase, napkin holder, penholder, cone and so on. materials

Distinguishing Feature: Product is made by hand labor to the extent of the skill of the producers.

Production Technique and Materials Used: The following materials are used in the production of the product:

Bead Furnace:   Generally, round or oval shaped bead furnaces are knitted in the form of horseshoes by fire bricks, clay and straw by the skilled artisans. In the production of this section, rooms are divided by fire bricks and number of windows. These stoves operate with an average temperature of 800-1000 degrees every day and last a maximum of one year. The fire-lit part of the bead furnace is called the door, the half-dome-shaped part of the bead top is called the cap, the hole where the bead is taken with iron bar, the hole opened for the removal of molten glass, the window is left and the place left to cool after the bead is called kavara.

Sindirgisidir iron: It is located on the windowsill in the furnace and used by the craftsman as a support for the purchase of molten glass.

Rail: Iron on which molten glass is shaped.

Asebe Iron: 50-60 cm long steel bar used for removing molten glass from the furnace is iron.

Rafter: It is a 35-40 cm long, 2 cm wide steel which is used to shape the molten glass extracted from the quarry on rail iron.

Roll Bar: Steel rod used for eye processing of shaped bead is iron.

Mezzlep Iron: It is the iron used in the purchase of cooled beads in the cave.

In the production of evil eye beads, mainly the purple color obtained with cobalt is used. In the absence of cobalt, purple color is obtained by cooking pure copper over fire and mixing with glass paste. Random color is used to darken the purple color.

Other colors (green, white, yellow, brown) used in production are obtained from glass bottles of the same colors. In the place called pan in the bead furnace, the glass melted is taken from the window with iron bars and processed on the rail with the skills of the masters.

Materials such as cobalt, oxide, copper, zinc and tin are used to provide color to the glasses.

Producer craftsmen are trained in 5-7 years with apprenticeship system.