Aegean Fig


Product Name: Fig

Geographical Indication: Aegean Fig

Type of Geographical Indication: Mark of Origin

Geographical Limits: İzmir's Torbalı, Bayındır, Kiraz, Ödemiş, Tire, Beydağ, Selçuk districts and all districts of Aydın.

RG Release date:    01.09.1996

Date of Registration: 01.09.1996

Production Area: İzmir's Torbalı, Bayındır, Kiraz, Ödemiş, Tire, Beydağ, Selçuk districts and all districts of Aydın. Yellow lopberries are produced in the Büyük and Küçük Menderes basins in the Aegean region . This region is suitable for table consumption due to its features and is very suitable for drying yellow lop fig cultivars is to allow cultivation .

Description of Product: It is the fruits of yellow lop fig variety suitable for drying.

Product Features:                               

Tree Properties:

7-8 m in height, 8-9 m in width, branches are sparse and has a sagging tendency, forms a flat crown . There are many large and small tubers in its body as a variety feature . The leaves are large, generally 5-part and deep-sliced, the lower and upper leaves on the shoots have 3-part or unparted leaves. Its main product is the second crop (summer) fruits that ripen on that year's shoot . Yellop (spring) product fruits whose number varies from year to year on shoots are born but most of them are shed . In the yellow lop fig variety, the male fig fruits must be fertilized with flower powders in order for both products to develop and mature.

Fresh Fruit Features:

The average fruit weight is 65 g and diameter is 55 mm. The top of the center is large in weight and large and the shape is round and flat. Fruit peel is moderately durable and easy to peel. Since the fruit neck is very short, it must be harvested. Fruit peel is thin (average.1.17 -1.34 mm), peel color is light yellow, pulp color is amber to pink color. The first ripening starts in late July-early August, reaches its peak at the end of August and is completed at the end of September. Harvest time is 40-45 days. The pH is 5.05 and the dominant acid is citric acid. Titration acidity (in terms of citric acid) is between 0.130-0.180%. The total amount of water-soluble substances, most of which are reducing sugars, is about 21.0-23.0%. Sugars consist of fructose and glucose in equal or close proportions. Yellow lop fig fruits are alluring, sweet and pleasantly fragrant.

Dried Fruit Features:

It is large, close to white, light colored and full with small seeds and thin crust.