Ödemiş Potatoes


Product Name: Potato

Geographical Indication: Ödemiş Potato

Type of Geographical Mark: Origin

Geographical Limits: Towns, villages and highlands of Ödemiş district (Gölcük, Bozdağ)

RG Release date:    {2}01.09.1996{/2}

Date of Registration: 01.09.1996

Description of the product: Marabel, Marfona, Agria, Ausonia, Jearla, Impala, Resy, Concerde and Granola are the potato varieties grown in Ödemiş region.

Properties: The starch content of the tuber ranges from 16% to 20%. Yellow potatoes with low starch content have high protein content, white potatoes have high starch content and low protein content. Yellow meat-colored potatoes are edible while the white meat-colored potatoes are industrial. Tubers can be round, oval and long. Tuber shells are usually light yellow, tuber flesh yellow. Tuber weight varies between 50 - 500 gr .

Chemical Composition: The dry matter is 24%, starch 18% (total) sugar 0.5%, crude protein 2%, crude oil 0.12%, crude cellulose 0.71% and ash is 1.10%, solaline 2.20%. Approximately 75% of the tuber is water. Protein is concentrated around the crust mostly .

Cultivation Technique: Potato is a mild and cool climate plant. In one production year, early potato varieties require 1600 ° C and late potato varieties require a total temperature of 3000 ° C. They suffer from cold from -1 to -1.5 ° C. It should be irrigated since there is no rainfall of 250-350 mm in the development cycle. In the first and the second crop and highland potato production, irrigation is done 5-7 times during the vegetation period.

Potatoes can grow in any kind of soil. It likes sandy-loamy, loamy-sandy, humus-rich soils for smooth tuber shape. Soil PH should be between 5.5 - 6.5.

Some characteristics of potato seed produced in Ödemiş are; should be grown in highland conditions, disease-free seeds should be used, tuber diameter 3.5 cm - 6.5 cm. weights should be between 50-90 gr, there should be at least 2 eyes on the tubers, if the big tuber is used, the tuber should be cut and stitched so that 2 eyes are left on each piece and the tubers should be stored under appropriate conditions.

In the spring, 200-250 kg of seedlings per decare are planted when the soil temperature is 8-10 ° C. 1. planting is usually in February, 1st harvest is between May 15 - July 1. 2. Planting is done between 1-15 August. Under the plateau conditions of Ödemiş (Bozdağ-Gölcük), potatoes are planted in May-June and harvest is carried out in September-October. Ödemiş produces fresh potatoes 3 times in a year.