Bozdag Chestnut Candy

BOZDAĞ Chestnut Candy

Product Name: Chestnut Candy

Geographical Indication: Bozdağ Chestnut Candy

Type of Geographical Indication: Mahreç

Geographical Borders: Ödemiş District and Villages

RG Release date:    {2}01.09.1996{/2}

Date of Registration: 01.09.1996

Technical Distinguishing Features of Bozdag Chestnut Sugar:

Bozdağ chestnut The medicine of Ödemiş district is the fruit of AKKOZA-TEKKOZA-KARAAŞI type chestnut trees that grow naturally according to the nature characteristics of Hasan, Kemer, Yılanlı, Elma Bağı and Ovacık villages. These varieties of chestnut, carbohydrates which are rich in vitamins A, B1, B2 and C in the production of sweet desserts are not disintegrated, easy separation of the inner shell does not lose color for a long time, fruit internal worms are important features such as not require medication.
The distinguishing features of Chestnut SUGAR produced from Bozdağ chestnuts are; The grains are distinguished from the desserts made from chestnuts produced in other regions with their large bright, unbroken integrity, pleasant taste and taste.