Information on Geographical Indications and Traditional Product Name Protection

What is a geographical indication?

Geographical indication; is a sign indicating the product identified with the region, area, region or country where the origin is located in terms of its prominent quality, reputation or other characteristics.

  • Geographical indications are quality indications for consumers which indicate and guarantee the origin, characteristics and the connection between the product's characteristics and the geographical area. Geographical indication registration ensures the protection of products that have gained a certain reputation depending on their local qualities. For example, "Çorum" for chickpea, "Hereke" for carpet, and "Afyon" for clotted cream appear as a sign of a certain quality.
  • Quality standards based on geographical origins of production of special products with historical background are maintained with geographical mark registration in the area where geographical boundaries are determined. Geographical sign; It has functions such as specifying geographical resources, guaranteeing the production method and quality which can be shaped by traditional knowledge and cultural values, being a marketing tool by distinguishing products in the market, supporting local production and rural development, contributing to tourism, and combating product imitation.
  • When a product falls into the regional product category, it can find buyers at a figure of approximately 20% above market value.Therefore, it can be said that geographical signs play an important role especially in supporting rural development.
  • Geographical signs are registered as the name of origin or geographical sign.
  • ■ Name of Origin: The name of origin originating from a region, region or, in exceptional cases, country whose geographical boundaries have been determined, identifies the products which take all or main characteristics from natural and human elements specific to this geographical area, production, processing and all other operations within the borders of this geographical area. > Aydin Fig and Edremit Bay Green Scratch Olive is an example of origin.It is essential that all production stages of these products are carried out within the specified geographical boundary. The dried figs produced in the Aydın region for thousands of years are different from other figs produced in our country. The humid wind blowing from the sea makes these figs large and thin skin.
  • Geographical Indications: a local geographical boundaries determined in or originating from the country, a specific quality, which is identified with the geographical area in terms of reputation or other characteristics, production, processing and other operations, at least one determined geographic area boundaries that define the product being made in the names geographical sign is .
  • Gaziantep Baklava and Maraş Burma Bracelet are examples of mahreç signs.What is the traditional product name?

Names that do not fall under the name of origin or the mark of origin and have been traditionally used to describe a product in the relevant market for at least thirty years are defined as the traditional product name provided that it meets at least one of the following conditions:

Conventional production or processing method or originating from conventional composition.

  • To be produced from traditional raw materials or materials.

 It is considered that products such as Aşure and Keşkek, which have cost to our country in general, may receive traditional product name registration.