Camel Wrestling

Camel Wrestling is an important tradition that provides touristic activity in Aegean, Mediterranean and Marmara regions for three or four months by attracting the attention of local and foreign tourists during the stagnant period after the tourism season.

Camel wrestling, which was thought to have been first organized for entertainment purposes among the Yörük tribes (they were living in caravans), was later traditionalized by binding to certain rules. Male camels called "tülü", which are born from the pairing of a single-humped female African camel with a double-humped African male camel called "buhur", are quite prone to wrestling. They are bred with special care and prepared for wrestling. When the season starts, these camels, which wrestle in various districts, are not only a source of pride for their owners, they also make a significant contribution to our domestic tourism.

During the wrestling season between December and March, camel wrestling is performed regularly in some district centers and villages such as Selçuk, Ödemiş, Tire, Kemalpaşa, Torbalı, Dikili, Menemen, Kınık, Bornova and Bayraklı.