Museum of Painting and Sculpture

İzmir State Museum of Painting and Sculpture was opened as a gallery in Kültürpark on September 09, 1952, and then moved to its place in Atatürk Boulevard. The gallery is the first service of the state to İzmir in the field of plastic arts.  
With the opening of the gallery, it was possible to exhibit the works of the artists in İzmir, and also the annual State Exhibitions held in İzmir.  
The year 1973 , the Izmir Painting and Sculpture Gallery is a year for significant changes. Turgut Pura who served as the manager of the gallery, turned it into a museum and moved to the new building in Konak .  

To spread and improve the taste of plastic arts.  
Presenting outstanding examples of plastic arts from Tanzimat era to today.
To provide easiness of exhibiting plastic art works to our artists.  
To introduce the plastic arts and works of the world to the public and artists.  
To gain the criteria of taste to distinguish real plastic art works to our people.  
Organize conferences, open sessions, films and dia demonstrations in the field of plastic arts by evaluating local facilities.  
To provide the opportunity to benefit from the art workshops from the public and the environmental school students, as well as the artists and artists.  
Build a library of plastic arts related to the museum building.  
To support and promote talented artists.  
To organize courses and seminars in the field of plastic arts.

Organization Structure:  
The Izmir State Painting and Sculpture Museum is affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and the General Directorate of Fine Arts through the Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism and the Governorship of Izmir.  

Museum Collections  
A total of 546 artifacts (435 paintings, 37 sculptures, 25 ceramics, 49 prints) are included in the museum. There are 168 exhibited works. (101 pictures, 34 pieces of sculpture, 23 pieces of ceramics, 10 prints). In addition to the works of such great masters as Şeker Ahmet Pasha, Hoca Ali Rıza, Hikmet Onat and İbrahim Çallı, there are works of artists from various periods and the collection is enriched with each passing day.
The works reflecting various periods and trends ranging from the masters of the old generation to the contemporary artists are rendered resistant to time by a meticulous work in the restoration workshops.  

Museum Events  
Painting and Sculpture Museums are complex structures that works like an academy including museum exhibition hall, periodical exhibitions are held in the gallery, art workshops and art library . The Izmir Painting and Sculpture Museum in this building continues its use uninterrupted since the year of its establishment .  
Izmir Museum of Painting and Sculpture; It is a museum with a specialized library, two galleries and art workshops where many trainees are trained.  
Painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, Turkish decorative arts courses are organized here . These art courses are given certificates for the trainees who continue for two years. There are intensive attendance courses for Fine Arts Faculties held every year in the summer months. The library, which contains many books of art and art history, is a rich resource for researchers and students.
• From the Tanzimat era to the present day, the paintings of the masters , sculptures and ceramic arts are brought together for the people of Izmir.  
• The museum presents the works in two exhibition halls and the works of the best artists of plastic arts on the impression of art lovers. It ensured the participation of new artists in the art world. It has brought young people to universities with fine arts preparation courses. The courses are organized for children's art education in the age group of 05-12 years are aimed to make the kids love the museum . Conferences are organized and activities are held in our museum about plastic arts.