Ulucak Mound (Kemalpaşa)

Ulucak Mound, located in Ulucak district of Kemalpaşa county on the 15th km of Bornova-Ankara road, was the location of one of the oldest settlements of Western Anatolia and it illuminates cultural history both by its architectural structure and by its foundlings. Excavations were started in 1995 and three cultural layers were identified. These are: Late Roman period at the top; Early Bronze Age layers underneath Early Byzantine settlements and Late Neolithic settlement at the bottom.

On Late Neolithic layer – the oldest layer of the mound – one can see kilns and ovens, spaces reserved for daily usage as well as the sections with specific functions.

In the excavations, a large number of ceramic pots, tools made of ganister, stone weapons, mother goddess figurines and anthropomorphic pots were unearthed, some of which are exhibited in the Izmir Archeology Museum.