Culture Park

İzmir Kültürpark was founded on January 1, 1936 under the leadership of Behçet Uz. The aim with the establishment of Kültürpark was, in accordance with Atatürk's request, to construct economic bonds with other states.

Kulturpark is built on an area of 420.000 m2. It contains 14 indoor exhibition halls; 4 conference halls; Atatürk Open Air Theater; İsmet İnönü Art Center; İzmir Art – Fair - Marriage Department, Celal Atik Sports Hall, Amusement Park, Zoo, Parachute Tower, Youth Theater, Painting and Sculpture Museum, Izmir History and Art museum. Besides this; 1850-meter jogging track, swimming pool, indoor sports hall, tennis courts, sports facilities, such as synthetic football pitches are available.

At Kültürpark, there are more than 8000 trees and 200 plants. Trees and vegetation cover are registered according to their species and trees. Kültürpark has an international character with its fair which is organized every year. In order to increase the awareness about the vegetation in Kültürpark and to contribute to the development of nature consciousness, there is also a publication prepared by IZFAS under the name of “Tree and Bush Species of Kültürpark”.

Before the Izmir Fire of 1922, most of the St. Stepanos Church and The Armenian Quarter were in in the borders of today’s park area, but this area was destroyed by fire.