Kemeraltı Bazaar


It is a historical bazaar which includes the area from Mezarlıkbaşı to Konak Square which is the main avenue of the bazaar today.

Anafartalar Avenue forms a large curve. This is because the avenue surrounded the inner harbor existed in the past centuries. In its first foundation years, the bazaar was partially vaulted, covered tiles and it looked like a covered bazaar with its side streets and the special section of the bazaar for the same artisan as called “arasta”. Up to the near past, upper parts of the streets beginning from Şadırvanaltı Mosque and extending to Havra Sokağı (the Street of Synagogues) were covered. The bazaar took the name “Kemeraltı” from the fact upper part of this section of the bazaar was covered.

Today, Kemeraltı Bazaar is the most important shopping center of İzmir as it was in the past. Even if the number of the old mysterious vaulted and domed shops has declined very much, it appears like a center whose streets are very vivid at any hour on a day and where any type of shopping is possible with its modern business centers, shops, cinemas and cafes. It is possible to find any type of traditional Türkiye handicrafts such as ceramics, porcelain wall panels, wooden products, tombacs, carpets and kilims as well as products of leather in this bazaar which is composed of these open and covered areas.