Authentic village life surviving in modern times


80 km. from İzmir and 40 km. from Selçuk, Tire is one of the most popular sites in the Aegean

Region, particularly for its cultural and natural assets. It is a tourist’s treasure trove comprising of hundreds of historic structures, a museum, handicrafts, authentic houses, a bazaar and local cuisine. It is possible and easy to do this tour as a day trip.


Important historical buildings include:

Çanakçı Masjid (Small Mosque), Şemsi Masjid, Doğancıyan Zaviyesi (Small Dervish Lodge),

Kızıl Deli Baba Zaviyesi, Yeşil İmaret Zaviyesi, Karahasan Mosque, Karakadı Mosque, Molla Arap Mosque, Paşa Mosque, Ulu Mosque, Yalınayak Mosque, Yeni Mosque, Yeniceköy Mosque, Kurt - Yoğurtluoğlu Külliyesi (Complex of buildings adjacent to a mosque), Ali Baba Tekkesi (Dervish Lodge), Ayazma (Spring of water regarded as sacred by Orthodox Greeks), Dar-ül Kurra Madrasa (theological school attached to a mosque), Balım Sultan Türbesi (Tomb), İbni Melek Türbesi, Sire Hatunlar Türbesi, Süleyman Şah Tomb, Public Library, Necip Pasha Library, Abdülselam Yeni Han (caravanserai / large commercial building), Kurşunlu Han, Old – New Turkish Bath House, Terziler Bath House, Hafsa Hatun Fountain, Yeğenağa Fountain, Hüseyin Ağa Bridge, Tire Museum, Atatürk Monument, Liberation Monument, Şahizade Monument and Toptepe.


 “Tire Bazaar” held every Tuesday is a kind of a fete; 6 km. long and a multitude of rich colours are on display. Visitors are recommended to shop in the bazaar and drink the famous “black mulberry sherbet”, which is the most enjoyable part of any tour program.


As well as workmanship from the Turkish period, a number of local, cultural and historical Works can be seen. These include: rope and clog production, the making and selling of quilts, woven mats and wickerwork production, the making and selling of saddles and harnesses and the production of felt. Weaving can be seen and of particular interest are the “Beledi woven products”, still produced in Tire. Beledi weaving, is recognized throughout the world as the ancestor of jacquard loom weaving, and has been produced in Tire since the 16th century