First slow city of Türkiye

45 km. from İzmir in a western direction brings you to the charming place of Seferhisar. A lovely area surrounded by olive and citrus fruit trees, and one which displays all the typical characteristics of the Aegean.

It is recounted that Tsaferinos, one of the generals of Alexander the Great, founded Seferihisar and that it was named after him.

Sığacık Port, which functions as both a marina and a fishermen’s shelter, is located 5 km. away. The ancient city of Teos, located 1 km. to the South of the port was founded as an Ionian colony in 1000 B.C. It is believed that Athames, the son of Dionysus, was the founder of the city. Teos was ruled first by Lydia and then Persia.

Achieving considerable success in architecture and trade, the ruins of Teos that can be seen today

date to the period during the reign of Alexander the Great and his generals as well as ruins from the Roman period. The Temple of Dionysus, which is open to visitors, is the most significant monument at Teos. Other significant artefacts and buildings include an agora, a gymnasium, a theatre, an odeon, outer city perimeter walls and ruins of an ancient port.

The history and natural beauty add to the richness of Teos. Teos was an Ionian civilization. During those times, people made their living through sea trade. Anacreon (6th C B.C.), the famous poet from the ancient period, known for his poems on love and wine was born in this city. There is an Ottoman castle dating to the 16th century at Sığacık, a place you cross en route to Teos. In addition,

visitors may enjoy a breath taking sunset at the Bay of Sığacık, a natural harbour which has recently become a yacht marina. The Sığacık Kaleiçi Bazaar on Sundays, is famous with its local and natural products.