The region has taken different names due to the cradle of various civilizations throughout history. This section will be summarized and detailed information will also be explained in the sections.


Klaos / Kleos: 8 BC. In the 16th century, Ions called it "Klaos / Kleos", which means "Winter Shelter that protects from the harsh cold in the winter".


Kilas / Kilos: In the Byzantine period, it was named "Kilas / Kilos", which means "Çanak lowland".

Kilbis / Kilbis Valley: It was called as “Kilbis” at the end of the 2nd century AD.


Koloe / Kolose: M.S. At the end of the 2nd century, it was called "Koloe / Kolose" in the Byzantine Period. The name of Koloe, which comes from the language of Luwi, is said to be Colise made in the mouth of Helen.


Keles / Kelas / Kilas: In the Ottoman Period, the name "Keles / Kelas / Kilas" was used.


Kiraz : the county Period of the Republic of Türkiye in 1948 Keles "KİRAZ" is the name given.


Location of the District: Kiraz is a district in the Aegean region, located in a small part of the Aegean Region, on the plain overlooking a beautiful plain near Bozdağ. It forms a passage from Bozdağ to Salihli, from Aydın mountains to Nazilli and Alaşehir. Its height (altitude) is 312 meters from the sea, and its surface area is 585 km2. (58.582 Hectares) Its distance from İzmir is 140 km.


All the villages except the district center and a few lowland villages are usually located on Bozdağ and other mountains and on the foothills. Since it is located on a mountainous land, the transportation and social facilities of the villages are limited, there are no villages that cannot be reached. Road transport and electricity to many of the villages was available after the 1970s. Along with Kınık district, it is one of the least developed districts of Izmir Province. In the villages of the villages, Old Turkish traditions-behavior styles and clothing style are maintained.


Ödemiş in the west, Beydağ in the south-west, Salihli in Manisa in the north, Alaşehir of Manisa in the north-east and Nazilli districts of Aydın in the south, Kiraz's neighboring settlements.


kiraz halkoyunu

kiraz kadın


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Kiraz District Public Library:

Adress: Cumhuriyet Mah. Cami Sok. No:3 Kiraz Phone: 0(232) 572 32 12   

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Kiraz District Public Library