Richness of nature in terms of geographical location of Beydağ district has gained the admiration of people since ancient times. In this respect, Beydağ has been one of the places where various tribes settled and lived since the early ages of history. Beydagians of yesterday and today did not think or think of the future while living on the beautiful climate, fertile lands donated by nature. In this regard, it has become difficult to conduct research on its history. Due to the climate of the region and its fertile soil, there are ruins documenting that it was a settlement before Etiler. In this regard, the name of Beydağ district has changed from time to time.

Professor Dr. Wise Umar, "Palaipohs" means the old city in the language of Helen. This name was used as Balyambolu until recently. The name of the district of Beydağ came to the Ottomans in different forms of the name Palaiapolis (Palyapolis, Palaiapolis, Nikapolis, Palaipo-lis, Palaioupolis, Paloeopolis, Algiza, Palaiapolis). It may be thought that the names and places of this city may have changed as well. Indeed, M.S.IV. Although it is obvious that it was located in the west of the fortress, when Evliya Çelebi came (1671) in the 16th century, it is obvious that it was located on the side of the Vakif Field, east of the city, and the history of the city remains in Beyköy awaits the attention of archaeologists.

We know that without the Episcopal center, Kilbianni-salar were from the city states in the previous dates, that they printed money with Koloe. These city states must have been established in Ionia first. In the 7th century BC, it was named "AKROPOLIS", which was accepted as the homeland of the gods. While the Achaeans found and settled the cities and towns from the time of the Hittites, they made the city the political and cultural center of a limited region and formed the essence of the concept of "Police". According to the city, it was represented not only by the city walls, but also by free citizens, so they proved that they were community states by being a city state. When a tall person lay down, a passport would have to be made for their feet, says Halikarnas Balıkçısı.

By looking at the names of the villages and the tribal, tribal, carved and cult names in the villages, we can conclude that the Turks might have settled in Beykoy first. The names of Beyköy, Çukuroba, Çakallar, Ağalar, İnnecikler, Macarlar neighborhoods are examples for this. Their arrival dates are not certain. If the gravestones in Çukuroba District were not destroyed, this could illuminate the issue. Tombstones, ancient finds, ethnographic artifacts should be preserved in Abdullah Efendi Madrasa.




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